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Dr. Pamela Carbiener



Dr. Pamela Carbiener

I arrived in Daytona Beach in 1992, accompanied by my attorney husband, 6 year old daughter, 8 week old son, collie, gerbils and fish tank after a twelve hour straight drive down 95 from Washington, DC. Although we loved the nation's capital ( and another daughter) later, I feel this is my home and am committed to the women I see, and the projects and organizations in which I participate.

I have lived in many states and received my medical degree from the University of South Dakota, followed by residency at Georgetown. The contrast of the hospitals at which I trained, from Sibley Hospital that served the capital's upper crust, to DC General, that provided care to the poorest and highest risk population; galvonized a desire to provide the highest standard of care to all individuals in my community, and it has remained a goal for me and my practice since my arrival.

Originally working with Drs. Schwenker and Stavoy at our office adjacent to Halifax Hospital, I became involved in the departments at both Halifax Hospital and Ormond Memorial, eventually helping Ormond to create their Birthcare Center and remodel the center at Halifax. I co-founded COPE (Community Outreach to Prevent Eating Disorders) I became involved in the Volusia County Medical Society and served as its third female president and remain editor of the quarterly journal, Stethoscope. I have served on numerous committees at our local hospitals, eventually pulling back to staff membership at Halifax only. I am currently remain on the Healthy Start coalition in an effort to improve prenatal care access for all women of our county, regardless of ability to pay or access to insurance and other resources. I have chaired The Daytona Women's Center and remain on their board in an effort to increase access to education and financial independence for non traditional students, and am on the board of The Floridian Foundation. I am the clerkship director for obstetrics and gynecology for the FSU College of Medicine's Regional Campus at Daytona Beach, which allows me the privilege and responsibility of training the next generation of socially minded physicians. I am also the medical director for the Sexual Assault Response Team, that provides immediate, complete and compassionate care for victims of assault.
These endeavors compliment my patient practice and empower me to recognize and treat my patients in the context of their professional, family, social, economic and philosophic backrounds and beliefs. I strive to know my patients personally and believe their care is better for this. My greatest challenge is finding the time to spend with each and every woman, and addressing each and every concern that they bring to a visit.

I am truly a "generalist" when describing my personal practice; I have an equal balance of obstetrics and gynecology. I enjoy the care of each and every expectant mother, and recognize the privilege of participating in such a private and joyous event as birth. I am sensitive to the struggles that some couples face in realizing their goals of creating a family and work with their medical and emotional needs equally. I also greatly enjoy caring for women on either side of their reproductive years--both the young teens entering puberty and the mature women experiencing menopause. This continuum of care is unique to obgyn and to my practice in particular.

Regarding gyencologic care, I am well versed in the issues of hormone replacement therapy, wellness and maintainence of life quality after the menopause and am comfortable with a myriad of traditional and alternative modalities. I believe that women should be partners with their physicians regarding their health and well being. It is my job to educate and empower, so that each and every woman is able to make the best decision that fits her medical, emotional and philosophic needs.

Like all the physicians at Halifax Obgyn, I have years of experience in minimally invasive gynecologic procedures. The vast majority of my gynelogic procedures are performed with minimally invasive techniques, resulting in a same day or overnight recovery in the hospital and rapid return to work, exercise and other daily activies. I also am experienced in pelvic support and urinary incontinence procedures, recognizing that quality of life for many women is dependent upon these techniques and subsequent life style modifications to optimize well being. Although I believe in surgery when indicated, I believe that each woman's concerns should be approached with the least invasive treatments first and work hard to make sure that when a surgical option is chosen, it is with sound education, prepartion and knowledge of expected outcomes.

In conclusion, I really love caring for women of all ages and backrounds. I learn as much from them as they learn from me, and am constantly reminded that my profession is better as a partnership with my patients. I hope to be practicing medicine in our community for a very long time.